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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic wound care is performed.

Peripheral Vascular Testing

Prescriptions for Diabetic Shoes.

Routine Diabetic Foot Care

Biomechanical Problems

Custom orthotics are dispensed.

Casting for fractures/foot injury

Walking Boots dispensed

Surgical Shoes


Prescriptions for orthopedic shoes and braces.

radiology services

X-rays and Vascular examination are done on the premises. 

Referral for:  MRI, CT scan, Venous and                         Arterial Dopplers

Dermatologic Foot Problems
Vascular Foot Problems

Athletes Foot

Fungal Toenails


Skin Ulcers

Dry Skin

Cracked Skin



Peripheral Arterial Disease

Venous Insufficiency

Venous Stasis Dermititis

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